5 Free Audio Editing Softwares for Podcast


5 Free Audio Editing Softwares for Podcast

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The year 2020 is declared as the year of devastation. This is true in a sense, but we are humans, and we know how to use time in our favor. When nature is healing while humans are locked inside, what can be done to sustain the spark inside us? Can we learn something? Something like audio editing softwares?

audio editing softwares

Since now we have been looking at entertainment from the other side where we are getting entertained. Why not shift to the other side? When we have a lot of time on our side, we should invest our time into the things that can’t be done in your routine.

A new entertainment source that is rising and is reaching a massive number of audiences is a podcast. Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts all can create a podcast without showing their face publically. Moreover, it is not true that one’s voice should be good to start a podcast.

It’s not the voice you need to start a podcast, but your knowledge to share with the audience. When you decide to start a podcast, figure out what you’ll talk about on the channel. Also, you’ll have to learn some technical things related to the podcast. When we talk about technicalities, you must learn audio editing. It can be done by using different Audio Editing Softwares.

In the beginning, you do not have to buy any paid tool as you are still figuring out if this thing feels right to you or not. So you can start using free audio editing software.

In this blog, I’ll share four audio editing software that you can utilize quickly and efficiently to start with your podcast.


The software was released in 2000. Its audio editing program is available for macOS, Windows, and UNIX. Using this software, you can mix numerous tracks to make a final project. Once done with editing and mixing, files can be exported to various platforms in convenient platforms for sharing and posting.

Music Maker

The software was released in 1994. Most people use this tool for music creation. It also has the capabilities to record and edit podcasts.

If you don’t know how to record or edit, relax because after downloading the software, you get tutorials to help you learn the program.


WavePad is a music and audio editing software for Mac and Windows users. It is a simplified software on which you can easily record your voice. The finished products can be exported in popular audio formats, including WAV and MP3.

Power Sound Editor

Power sound editor is your one-stop solution. The software provides you with all the necessary tools to record, create, and share your audio file. This software supports every standard audio format.


These are four different free audio editing software. If you want to learn audio editing software deeply, visit The Clearance Hut now.


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